September 11th, 2008

Not really

No, seriously, go away Ike

Sooo... Ike's hitting further east on the Texas coast than originally planned. Now he's hitting just a bit southwest of Galveston. I live in Galveston county in a city on the border between Harris and Galveston counties (when I say I live in Houston, I really mean "the Houston area..."), but it's still close enough to the coast (only 25 miles away!) to get beat around quite a bit by a hurricane. Now the track projectors are showing the possibility of it coming further north yet and hitting Galveston. Also, we probably still aren't going anywhere. We're just lazy and have lived on the coast all our lives (we're originally from Corpus Christi) and are just, um, cocky like that I guess. I wouldn't mind leaving, really, but not with all the traffic that's going on and

Dad's outside putting up the boards. I was going to help, but he started at, like, seven and is almost done and told me to go ahead and go to work. Mom'll be here to call an ambulance if something happens while he's putting up the top story boards.

On the upside, the library I work at now closes at noon?

Stupid Ike.

Well, so much for running around the woods in costume of our photo shoot. Looks like that'll happen next week.