September 15th, 2008

Harlock thumb!

First post from the computer in a while!

Yo! As I'm sure you all read, I survived and the power's back. Thank you all and sorry for making you worry.

I'll go ahead and elaborate/summarize the events that took place.

The power went out at around 7:30 on Friday night, which kind of surprised us. It was just windy and wasn't even raining yet. In fact, the front edge of the storm was mostly just windy and it didn't rain much. The streets flooded later after the eye passed over, but got over the sidewalk at the highest and didn't come anywhere near the house.

No damage was done to the house save a handful of lost shingles and the biggest tree in the front lost a large limb, which fell on the front walkway, and a few other broken branches that didn't fall all the way down. Dad and I will probably take care of that tomorrow. The another tree in the front lost a couple of branches, too. The pool was a mess, but we got most of the crap out and dad's going to put in some shock and stuff to clean the water up. We also raked and stuff. and drove around taking photos during the hottest part of the day because there was AC in the car.

Friday night Mom and Dad slept on the patio because they thought it was too hot in the house. I didn't mind and mosquitoes like me, so I slept inside. The next day (yesterday) Dad brilliantly thought to hook up the fan to the generator along with the fridge. We also finished taking down the upstairs and front windows and there was light! I started reading The Twelve Kingdoms by Ono and got about 2/3 of the way through. Dad and I checked out the dojo and it was fine and when we drove by Target, saw they had a truck full of ice, but when we showed up they'd already capped the line. Ah, also part of our neighborhood got power back, but it was because they were on the same circuit as the police station. Lucky them.

Today we got up and went around our business, and at about 9:30 the power came back on! Hurrah! Then I went to work at the library even though today I'm off. I put in about an hour helping put together the things we took down and shelved last week's new books and audio/visual stuff, then left. There's still no power at the library and apparently we'll be closed to the public all this week, though we're still working. I really wonder why the power's not on there, though. While leaving, I noticed an e-mail from sensei asking if I knew if the power was on at the dojo and, since I was leaving and the dojo's across the street from my neighborhood (and I have a key), I dropped by and checked the power and it's on. Yay! Classes resume Wednesday.

And now I'm here saying hi. I'll post photos later because I don't feel like doing it now. I keep going in rooms and forgetting the power's on now...

Also, random note, but I got more sleep than normal during this event. I sleep like a rock (as an example, I slept while the house was being jacked up for the foundation to be fixed) and wound up going to bed early every night because I had nothing to do. Mwahaha!