September 26th, 2008

Zuko pondering

I think I've decided

I'll hate myself for it, but I think I am going to do Seong Mi-na after Atoli. I'll totally hate myself for it. At first I was like "... but it'll be expensive!" because, well, in game the material's obviously shiney and if I use satin, it'd have to be a nice rayon satin or use silk. You can find both for about the same price... hell, I'd probably go with silk just because it's nice. Then there's all that applique on her skirt thing and on the red parts it would look nices embroidered. Note that I want to get my own sewing machine before I move out... and Brother has a rather nice sewing/embroidery machine on Amazon for $359 and has 98 sewing stitches and works with an embroidery software to do your own things. Plus it has a 25 year warranty. XD

Also, I honestly don't remember if she has anything on her back because I can't find any back screen shots and I haven't sat down and inspected her design yet. I'm always playing as her, but most of the time I'm looking at the opponent, not her. XD It's also an up-do, but at least it's brown, so don't have to be so concerned about all the baby hairs on my hairline.

So, I may well be doing Mi-na. I'll so hate myself for it, but it'll hopefully be worth it? And it's not super fitted. XD This'll probably be my first loose fitting cosplay since I did Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist. Only much skimpier.

Now g'night!

Edit: HOLY SHIT! Too bad those flowers are so big.
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