October 2nd, 2008


So I have a fever.

Damnit. I was stopped up yesterday, but I figured it was just sinuses. This morning I got up at the godforsaken hour of 5:30 and drove the parents to the airport this morning and felt crappy, napped thinking that my body's nasty feeling was from lack of sleep, got up again and I was still all achy and nasty feeling, so I took my temperature. I have a fever. Like, exactly 100. WTF is this crap? I was supposed watch Noein today. And work. Stupid body making me feel crappy. I'm tempted to do all that anyway, but I'm sure it wouldn't be appreciated if it turns out I'm contagious.

At least it's probably just a small cold. I'm not coughing terribly or anything and that's a good sign. Now back to bed.

Also, completely unrelated but Bounen no Xam'd is awesome. It's another Bones production (Eureka 7), though it cracks me up that they decided to reuse the weird kaleidoscope rainbow generator. But then again, I guess if you go through the trouble of making one you might as well use it again. I wonder how many more Bones productions will use it. It's probably a good thing whoever's in charge of Soul Eater didn't let the animators at Bones use it... or at least I don't think the effect is ever used in Soul Eater... if it is it's very subtle. Or I'm stupid. XD
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