October 3rd, 2008

How did this...?

Ah, I should take the waist in sometime...

I don't think I mentioned it here, but during the weekend of Ike I lost an inch on my waist, making it 25" (25.5" after I eat XD). This cracks me up, but I guess just getting out and doing a crap ton of yard work did it. Makes me wonder what it was back when I played competitive volleyball. Anyway, today Maggie and I are doing the DIY Costuming thing at work for the teens (which our dear teen librarian roped us into.) and we're doing it in costume. I'm wearing my good old Emeraldas costume and... it's loose in the waist. By about an inch... ah well. XD

Also, I'm now feeling quite a bit better. I felt nasty this morning, but after losing my breakfast and napping for several more hours, I feel good save that my body's all tired feeling.
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Forgot to shave


I come home from iaido (Thankfully another ranked student was there. I sat off to the side and hopped on the mat here and there instead of fully leading class. Just doing a couple of ippon me mae was enough to get me winded...) and there's a crazy party going on at a house behind mine. A super loud crazy party with horrible techno bassy music that thumps.

I hope they stop by 11:00. I think the no noise time starts at 11:00... it might be 10:00, though.
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