October 15th, 2008


To do it or not to do it...

So... I'm kinda thinking about trying the 24 Hour Comics Day challenge. The only down side is that there's no comic stores hosting it in the area. The nearest one is in Austin. ¬.¬ Stupid animation school, making me realize that I enjoy drawing with people around more than drawing alone. WTF's with that? Also, there's the problem of, um, work. Because I, like, do that on Saturdays.

Illl probably bow out of it again this year even though this is the first time I've ever really wanted to do it. I may sit around thinking up ideas tomorrow when I'm not doing anything at school. Who knows, maybe I'll finally start a comic like I've been wanting to even though it's not for 24 Hour Comics Day.

Anyway, first day of school was nice. I had 2D II and, as usual, I knew most of the class already. There were some new faces, though. And the two most annoying forces in the animation department are both in the class... after my awesome year record of not having either of them in any of my class. They're the type that like to brag a crap ton, but keep having to retake classes because they, you know, don't actually do any of these awesome things and fail because they didn't do assignments. Among other things. I'll just say that all the rumors I heard turned out to be true and it's not a good thing.

The class itself was fine, though. We mostly just learned the basics of Flash and practiced drawing with the tablets in it. This is the first computer class I've taken in which I don't already know most of the program, so it's a fun learning experience. XD I'm finding I like drawing in Flash a lot... it's got the pressure sensitivity like in Photoshop but it's all smooth and vectory looking like in Illustrator... it's sexy.

Ah, also, I can use my own bathroom again. And I didn't have to learn how to use the toilet upside down after all. I'll post a photo of the new tile later.
Drawing (animated!)

Second day of school and lets try sketches!

Public Speaking wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. My teacher's a psychopath and not in a bad way... though she won't hesitate to fail you if you screw up... but that's normally not too big a problem for me. I also learned that they have hidden cameras in every classroom. XD

Class let out super early and I got lunch at McDonald's. I doubt I'll be doing that much... the McDonald's down the street from the school has made their fries more expensive so two large fries is now $3.90! Holy crap. After I returned to the school, I saw some of my classmates hanging out by one of the doors and it turned out to be Henderson's new acting and movement class. We naturally popped in to say "hi" and made him tell them the turtle story despite his protests. Thus the turtle story survives another quarter! Then we hung around and watched some of the making of Aladdin and a few other things because we didn't have anything better to do.

Digital Video I is a Henderson class and thus is fun. Today we just learned how to use the huge camera, went over good ways to plan out and execute the filming, then he showed us some examples of other people's videos.

I've decided to try to draw a character of some sort a day. It may draw characters more than once, but I really need to draw more and I've been slacking off a lot. Collapse )

Edit: Also, at school they have marker cases now. I bought one that holds 60... but I still have 69 markers laying around. I need two more... XD