October 17th, 2008

Haruhi tongue!

Lecture lecture

Last class of the week was today~ I had Intro. to Sound. There was a LOT of lecturing on, well, how sound works. Thank goodness I already had to learn the basics when I was in orchestra. He also told us what all the various parts of the DAWS (the big sound board) were and such. Half the class is animation... it's funny how we always wind up taking over one half of the class and talk loudly while the other half is perfectly silent. Also, one of my classmates accidentally walked into the girl's bathroom today while I was washing my hands. I got to yell "PERVERT," which is always more fun than it should be. XD Especially since most of the other guys were in the hallway and saw him do it. XD Anyway, the professor himself is cool. He was apparently the drummer in the band called Head East in the 70's that got signed by A&M records, but I've never heard of them. I'm listening to them now, though, and they sound quite nice. XD

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