November 7th, 2008

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To Denton we shall go~

I haven't really mentioned it, but tomorrow I'm leaving for Denton. It's going to be the furthest I've ever driven alone and it's going to be a hell of a boring drive.

Anyway, the embukai is this weekend, so it's going to be an iaiful weekend. I also have a 2D project to do that I probably won't work on. Then there's the script for film that I need to finish by the week after next. If I work on anything at all while I'm up there, it'll probably be that because writing about teddy bear possessing aliens is fun. The hotel I'm staying has free internet, too, so if I'm not dead you may see me on AIM. I'm all set and ready to go except that I need to fold my hakama and keikogi, but I don't feel like doing that now so I'm doing it in the morning. Hurrah.
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Made it alive

So, I made it to Denton alive! It wasn't as bad as I'd thought, but I did chat with my mom a couple of times when I got bored. XD And WTF 35E. Why were you backed up at 2:30. I'd say that that makes no sense, but 35E traffic NEVER MAKES SENSE.

So yeah. I lived. Now I'm going to bed for a long day of iai tomorrow. Returning on Sunday all tired is going to suck...
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