November 10th, 2008

Sumi Tech guy

Real embukai report

Like I said, I'm back from Denton. It was a very nice koshukai and embukai. Compared to past ones, it was definitely the smallest one I've ever been to (Sensei said that the attendance was on par with the very first two), but it made interacting with the other iaidoka that I maybe see once or twice a year easier and everyone present did a strong embu on Sunday. It was especially nice to see all of the people that come just for the event.

That said, I have no idea how I did because, as usual, I don't remember much of my embu. Though I do remember thinking "ah, I think I missed one of his arms..." when I did tsukikage. I guess I'll find out when I get my DVD. XD Oh, and I put a hole in the toe of my nice white tabi while warming up on Sunday before the embukai. I freaked out a bit and consulted Sensei, but she said that no one will notice and to just wear them. So now I need to get new white tabi...

The banquet Friday was in a Mexican restaurant where I feasted upon chips and cheese dip, tortillas, and sopapias. The only time I really went hungry from something was at the party on Saturday night, but that was fine because I stopped and got Grandy's rolls on the way home. Grandy's doesn't exist in the Houston area anymore and now when I go up to Denton I stock up on their rolls. Sadly, they only last a couple of days once I get home.

The trip going up wasn't very bad, save for the fact that when I drive up there, my bad hip starts to ache RIGHT as I finish passing through Dallas. Stupid hip. Oh, and 35E.

Coming back was a pain. I was really tired and even blacked out for a second a couple of times. Oddly enough, that was at the beginning of the trip. I guess I got into the groove later? Also, once I passed Baybrook mall, my hip started acting up. Jerk.

Also, I don't think I ever mentioned it, but I have a Twitter that I occasionally update. Sometimes. Rarely.
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