November 16th, 2008

Forgot to shave

I still hate the cold

It's in the 40's right now. That's 40°F. FORTY. DEGREES. FAHRENHEIT.

It should never get this cold in Texas. Ever.

I hope the heater's working in the dojo...
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Yesterday was "Meet people you haven't seen in a long time" day. I met 3 people I haven't seen in a long time all by chance. First was Caryn at the gas station. Then I saw Matthew's Mom and JD at Kroger's. It's always kind of weird how you'll go months without bumping into someone you know while out, then suddenly run into more than one in a single day.

Also, I had a weird dream back on Tuesday. I wasn't going to mention it, but I think I will after all. In it I was at Katie and Erin's house (Across the street. We used to play all the time when we were younger, but stopped around middle school or so. I still have dreams about going over there, though.) watching TV when I looked up. For some reason, there was no ceiling and there were a bunch of stars. Only they were also put together like a map of the world. I shouted "IT MUST BE GREG HUFF-SENSEI'S DOING!!!" and then he busted out of a door to what seemed to be a closet all dressed up for iai, and yelled "HOW DID YOU KNOW!?!?" I totally blame reading too many 4koma and this and doing too much iai in one weekend. If that's possible.

A couple of weeks ago I downloaded the Mirror's Edge demo on my PS3 with the intent to try it out and, if I liked it, preorder it. It looked like a lot of fun and even came with a spiffy bag if you preordered it from Gamestop, but alas, I had no time to actually play the demo and before I knew it it was released. I finally got around to playing the thing and discovered that the game is wild fun, though I sucked at first. Now I kind of have the hang of the controls (though I still tend to hit R1 and turn around instead of hitting R2 and, like, attacking) and I want it, but I really regret not preordering it. XD Oh well. I still want Eternal Sonata, too. I swear I'll never finish all my video games... It's a miracle I managed to finish .hack//G.U. even though I still need to do the Forest of Pain... I may ask for one of the two for Christmas.

I wish we had the movie Fearless at work. It's a Jet Li movie I saw a while ago on TV (However, I missed the beginning) and it was really good. For some reason, I feel the urge to watch it again and see the beginning... but we don't have it at work. I'm too cheap to get it from a movie rental place, though... ¬.¬

Oh, and speaking of random people, Ian and Michelle (spelling...) showed up at the dojo today. I was suprised; it was nice to see them. I only wish I could've gone and eaten with everyone instead of going to work.

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Oh, also, the heater is broken in the dojo. ¬.¬