November 20th, 2008

Drawing (animated!)

Pickles the Frog and Naked People!

I registered earlier this week! Here's my schedule:

1-5 Modeling I: Hard and Organic Modeling

6-10 Audio for Interactive Design

6-10 Digital Video II

Second sesssion Physics

I really hope that Physics class uses the same book as the UH Physics class I dropped... since I already have that book...

Today my public speaking teacher wasn't feeling well or something, so we got out of class 30 minutes early. So it was 1:00 and my next class was at 6:00. In the end, I went to the Galleria for lunch and had Chick-fil-A, then wandered over to the Sanrio store. They had cute little Pickles the Frog plushies for $7~♥ I got one. He's so smiley and cute. I love Pickles. It's too bad Sanrio doesn't have a lizard character, though, and they usually don't have a lot of Pickles.

After acquiring my cute Pickles, I went next door to the GameStop to check out the used games. I didn't get a used game in the end, but they did have one copy of Persona 3 FES left and with two classmates talking about it together all the time, plus I've wanted to play it since the first release, I snatched it. Also, most of the time I was in there the guy was acting quite familiar. I always get weirded out when random guys are like "So, you work around here?" and keep talking to me. But at least I had someone to chat with while browsing?

I went back to the school and sat down and did my preparations for my next public speaking assignment (Hurrah! One less class to worry about this weekend!), then wandered over to the Anatomy class to draw naked people.

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During the between classes break (5:00-6:00 in this case) was the first mandatory Siggraph meeting and it was my first meeting in general. Going kind of made me realize that I'm, you know, going to Siggraph next year. Now I feel this weird need to get better at animation so that I can actually have something to show the professionals there when I'm trying to network. For those of you who don't know, I want to do movie animation most of all, and I probably won't get a job at a big studio right away because I suck... but it'd still be awesome. So I'm hoping to spend some of my free time working on pencil tests for fun.

Speaking of Siggraph... it's going to be expensive. The down payment of $400 for the club's trip is in January. I was thinking "I can get a holiday job..." but then I realized that, conveniently, I'm behind on hours at work, so I may very well wind up working a lot extra during the Christmas break to make some extra cash. Who would've thought that missing days at work would come in handy in the end. Since I didn't earn the money earlier, I didn't spend it all. XD Anyway, I'm really excited. I know I've wanted to be an animator for a long time, but to get to actually interact and talk to professional animators makes me giddy.

That said, sadly I'm also horribly shy. Like, really shy. At least when I don't know people well. I either don't talk or I force myself to and that always winds up kind of awkward. Thankfully, I'll be going with classmates, but in order to interact with all the strangers I'll probably be glued to the people I know. I'm so pathetic. Sometimes I really wonder if I'm suited to being an animator. I mean... I really do enjoy working with others when everyone, you know, cares and wants to do well. I know that finishing a hard project with a group of people is one of the most satisfying things in the world because you can enjoy the experience together and having people to celebrate with makes it even more enjoyable, but when I'm with complete strangers I tend to get horribly nervous and think that everyone else draws better and that I shouldn't even bother. I really am pathetic. Maybe I should just get over it and draw more even if I do suck.

I also enjoy drawing most when people are around. This contradiction puzzles me to no end.

I also enjoy showing off my crappy drawings even though they suck. WTF.

...You know, this is the second long post I've made in a relatively short amount of time. What's happening?