November 23rd, 2008

Don't mess with me

I dunno what to talk about!

The Bug Man is coming on Tuesday to spray the house, so I've been cleaning. Mom washed my sheets, too, so in addition to cleaning I have to put sheets on my loft bed, a task I hate doing. So instead of putting the sheets on my bed, which I need to do to get all the stuffed animals back up there so that I can pick up this half of the room, I'm babbling here.

Every time I clean, I always say "I'm going to keep this place picked up!" but I always fail. It doesn't get nearly as messy as it used to, though, but still. When a room as big as this one gets messy it's a real pain in the ass to clean up; it's the biggest room in the house. ¬.¬ Plus, since I haven't had any drawing classes that required large drawings and thus the use of my drawing desk, it's become a place I dump stuff... and to get to work on making pencil tests I need that desk. I so don't feel like cleaning it. It's going to stay messy for the bug man... he just needs to get to the floor. XD Unless I get to work tomorrow, which I doubt I will.

That said, a couple of weeks back Maggie gave me descriptions of the characters in the story she's working on that she'll probably stop working on soon because that's what she always does. Yesterday I finally felt like and had the free time to draw, Collapse )

Next week is Thanksgiving! I have no idea what everyone else is doing, but we're staying home and eating turkey. The library is closed all weekend... so I get nearly a week off of work. Unfortunately, I don't get paid for the weekend itself (#@$!@#$!!!!). Oh well, I guess that's money I can earn during my Christmas break to put towards Siggraph.