December 2nd, 2008


Sweaty, smelly people.

There were random power outages at school!

I had no idea until about five minutes before class started when the power suddenly went out, causing many of my classmates to cry out in despair (my work that was due was done, naturally). The power was out for about five minutes or so, maybe longer, then it took several more minutes for the server to recover so that we could log back into the system. We didn't have everything running again until about 20 minutes into the class. Thankfully this only happened once while I was there.

Apparently this started yesterday and the problem hasn't been found yet. The elevators were closed since, well, if anyone's in there during a random power outage, they'd be stuck. A lot of people were complaining about having to use the stairs. I didn't mind since I rarely take the elevator, even when I'm on the fifth floor, and this is why I didn't notice anything strange when I went upstairs to class. Also, for some reason the heater was on in the computer labs, another thing I didn't mind, but even so, it's pretty stupid to have the heat on in rooms full of computers.

Ah well.

Next to one of the entrances of the neighborhood, a school is being built, which is all well and good, but they're reconstructing a road between the second and third sections of the neighborhood that used to lead to 96 and so there's no way to get to the third section except to go all the way around to the first section and take the highway to the third section entrance. The exit to 96 (which I take to get to the freeway) is also in the third section and cannot be reached (I live in the second section, by the way). The annoying this is that when 96 was the old Link Road (a 2 lane, pot-hole filled back street), the thing they're working on was, in fact, a proper road into the neighborhood. It didn't have a sign marking it as such, but when they turned Link into a highway, they decided that the entrance into the third section was enough and tore up the old connection to 96 (but there's still a break in the median on 96 as if you could turn there... WTF?), leaving it a dead end old street. Now that the elementary school is being built, it seems they want to use it as a way to access the school (probably for school buses or something) and thus they're rebuilding it. It will be closed until February 24th, according to the sign.

So until February, it looks like I'll have to do all this roundabout stuff. The mailbox for our house is located over by the blocked street, too. In the past, when I had to get the mail on the way home I'd just take one of the entrances through the third section, pick it up, and go home since it was on the way... now I have to pass the house, get the mail, do a u-turn, then go home. ¬.¬ It's a little thing, but still annoying. I'd just go home and take the dog, but it's been really cold (by my standards) when I get home lately. Also, I can't make quick trips to Maggie's house (in section 3) now. I haven't had to do so often lately since she can now sew costumes without calling me to fix things every day, but I had to go over there yesterday and it's really a pain. I'm tempted to just ride my bike over there in the future, but it's cooooold. Damn you, cold. Maybe I'll just do it anyway, if I can even get my bike out...

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