December 5th, 2008


Not that I minded, but...

...Yeah, the AC was still off at school. The power issue is still unresolved. >.<

At least I wore a sweater with a tank top underneath. XD it was 87~88°F in the classroom with lots of people in it. e_e
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Just one thing

So random I love it.

At work Maggie and I kept giggling about it. I can't even think about that video with a straight face. Maybe I'm just easily amused.

...Plus we were talking about leaning on bears yesterday. I still need to draw Orange-kun from Code Geass leaning on a bear. Now I want to draw Paul Revere leaping out of my trunk at a bear screaming about the British coming. Stupid story, but for those of you who don't know, Paul Revere lives in my car Evelyn's trunk.

On the topic of American historic figures, Jenny, we have that awesome musical 1776 on DVD at work now. Check it out. Now, if you're still there. I shelved it before I left work today and I know that movie doesn't fly off the shelf even if it's one of the most awesome musicals ever. XD

Still on the topic of historic figures,though this one not American, yesterday while shelving the new nonfiction I noticed that in the painting, Napoleon Crossing the Alps, on the cover of a book on Napoleon... Napoleon's horse is rabid or or something. And on another cover (no idea what the title or who the painter was) his horse was still rabid looking. Now I kinda want to wander upstairs and look at all the covers. XD