December 7th, 2008

A man's heart!


I was worrying over how to make money before mid January when I realized... I'm going to Oni-con

Oni-con has an art auction

I can draw art (crappy art, but not as crappy as some people's art)

Then I remembered I had a small canvas.

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Instant ramen

Mexicans and sisters and bongo drums

Today I had an encounter with a Mexican guy (and a really good looking one at that) with very little English. Is the 1/4 Mexican blood in me obvious? Whoo~ Texas mutt! Anyway, I walked out with a cart of DVDs and he made a bee line to me and asked if I spoke Spanish. Ah, maybe it's because I came out of the circulation room and that's for employees. Who knows.

Sadly, none of us who were working spoke Spanish... and I don't think any of our current employees do anyway. Sometimes I really wish my grandparents on my Mom's side hadn't been so weird. My grandmother was Mexican (One of my relatives brags about how they're direct descendants of conquistadors or something) and my grandfather was very racist. I have no idea why a racist man married a Mexican woman, but in the end my mom and uncle didn't get to learn Spanish. I could be bilingual, damnit. Because of my lack of Spanish skills, I had to leave him to fend for himself. I have no idea how that went.

Ah, also today's my sister's birthday. I was so tempted to say "Happy Pearl Harbor Day" instead of "Happy Birthday" to her online, but decided against it. e_e Later I found out that Dad almost did, too, but on the phone. XD

The background for the painting came out quite nice. I after deciding to do the star light pink, I changed my mind to light blue because I thought the pink would draw too much attention away from the character. Hurrah. After I bathe here in a minute I'm going to start working on the paint part, then record my narration for my animation final project so I can get the timing right. I always feel so weird using my voice for anything. At least I'll only have to lip sync a couple of things this way. I have a very deep hatred for lip syncing.

"Edgar (somethng) is very talented on the bongo drums. Flip flap goes his hands on the smoooth skins. Dig the rythem. Excelleeeent" UUUUUGH. I never want to do that again.