December 9th, 2008

Snot bubble

I fail at working late.

I'm tiiiiiiired.

I think I'm going to go to bed soon and get up early. I actually wound up doing very little today. ¬.¬ For some reason I tend to animate efficiently in the morning even though I hate mornings... maybe it's because I'm not in the mood to fool around. Also when I do that I'm usually already in the right mindset when I leave for school to animate some more.

I guess I'll quit soon.
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Moe tree

Today is a high of 75°F.

Tomorrow is a high of 48°F. And it'll be rainy.

The trees and lizards are so confused! At least it's been a fairly dry winter so far...

Stupid winter. I want summer to come back to make things warm all the time again! ≖‿≖ ←new most awesome face ever

Last night I got to see the new city Christmas tree lit up for the first time. It looks much more impressive with tons of lights and darkness. You can't see how scrawny the little thing is. XD I'm sure it'll grow quite nicely, but after having the full, humongous fat tree we had until Ike, it's so tiny. Even the big light up star looks too large for it. XD It looks so moe...

Also, I've decided to try to get back into my habit of stretching every day. I was able to do stuff like full splits until only five years ago. Unfortunately, my body seems to move differently than others because of, well, being flexible from childhood (I was in gymnastics, then "American" karate for a long time, then I played volleyball...) and now that I'm not I keep trying to do things that I just can't do anymore. Like pick small things up off the floor without bending my knees. And I can't get the light switch with my foot as accurately as I used to. And I've always had back problems, but now that the muscles are weaker and stiffer it bothers me more. Stupid little things, but it all started when I stopped stretching every day and that's a fairly simple thing to fix.

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