December 11th, 2008

Oh yeah!


Yep! It turned out not to be such a waste!

It started snowing over at school, by the Galleria area, at around 4:00 PM today! At first it was just flurries, but it soon turned into real snow flakes! At around 6:00 I received word that it was snowing back at home. The AI is so far from home. XD

Driving in snow is by far the most unsettling thing I have ever done. I felt like I was going into hyperspace. :O Having white streaks coming at your face is very distracting and I was TERRIFIED of going over an ice patch. Also, right after the exit for 45 S on 610 E, the entire freeway was shut down due to ice. I'm glad I was able to get on 45, though. e_e There was no real snow sticking until I got to the big tollway ramps, which is a bit odd. You'd assume that further north into Houston would have more sticking snow than the south. Seeing huge car lots covered in white was weird, especially the Hummer one. The Hummer on the roof of it was all covered in snow. XD Also, the overpass for 96 was covered in snow. Everyone actually waited while some vehicle with orange flashing lights was doing something. I'm assuming it was putting down anti-ice stuff.

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Also, we finished filming my stupid teddy bear possessing alien movie. But that's small news compared to SNOW!

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