December 14th, 2008

Don't mess with me


CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP. I hate being behind on things and I'm behind on my Flash animation. I hate that I draw so slow on the tablet. Thankfully, I should still get it done with some ease today and tomorrow, but I still hate going faster than my own pace. If this were a pencil test instead of Flash it'd be doooone. What's sad is that there're fewer drawings on this because of the 12 frames per second... a pencil animation would be many more. Someday I'll draw comfortably on a tablet, right? It doesn't help that I so enjoy secondary animation, either. I keep doing full animation since I like things moving. XD Right now I'm trying to get the rough keys in, but I'm so ADD in my work that I keep going and doing clean-up on previous things instead of just doing rough keys. I don't even animate things in order. HAHAHA! But I knew that already. I'm saving the simple things that just need one drawing, graphic symbolization, and tweening for last, though, because that's easy.

Damn my standards. This thing isn't even up to them to begin with because I suck at using a tablet...

This probably means nothing to all but maybe three people that read this.

Cheer for me anyway?

Almost time for work. I should probably find some pants...
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