December 16th, 2008



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Today was a very foggy day. All day. It must've come up off the gulf... it was worse at home than it was at school. Fog that thick is weird for this time of year... ¬.¬


It is over. OVER. I feel so good even if my animation is crap. ≖‿≖

Yesterday I was even animating in a doctor's waiting room for three hours while Mom waited for the doctor to come jam needles up her neck. She's OK, by the way.

Now I just need to print out three transparencies for my final speech in Public Speaking tomorrow and all my work is done.

I had a weird dream night before last!

I was BATMAN. Even though I'm female! Anyway, I only remember the end. I was in a car accident and for some reason the cop trying to catch me, who looked weirdly like Tatsumi from Yami no Matsuei, confiscated the old black leather coat I always wear when it's cold. I had some evidence in the pocket that give me away as Batman, but couldn't get it because he wanted to run a test on it (WTF?) and so I was going to sneak in and steal back my coat later. However, when I left the someone was causing trouble and I had to fight, but not good enough to obviously be Batman. I got gassed in the fight with something, then Two Face and Johnny Bravo came and carried me away. I have no idea why Johnny Bravo was there or why he was a bad guy. I got carried to a research facility and then my alarm went off!

I'm always so proud of myself when I actually remember a dream. :D Also, my knuckles were red. At least I didn't actually scrape them this time...

ADD post is ADD!

EDIT: YEEEEEEES!!! My physics class uses the same book I got at UH!!! Hell yeah, don't have to buy another one!!!