December 19th, 2008

Snot bubble

Oni-con plan

School is now officially over.

Tomorrow's Oni-con! Maggie and I are leaving at around 7-7:30 and in costume (me semi in costume. the wig and hood for Velvet's going on there...).

Cosplay plans for me:

Friday: Velvet

Saturday: Misaki

Just those two again, nothing new or special. I'd take Emeraldas, but I really want to redo the guns for that before I wear it again. Also, I never did get to fix the sleeves on Misaki, but I have a new wig. Saturday there may be some disco cosplay awesomeness. XD

Maggie decided against taking her Gwendolyn because it takes so long to put on and is a pain to transport. We're taking my Evelyn to the con since we always use Maggie's car for the Dallas cons and, well, we're taking less stuff. While she's wearing Kinon Friday, I'm wearing Velvet so we can do Darker Than Black cosplay together on Saturday and not be recognized!

I also did not succeed in finishing that painting. I plan on making a grand debut of my crappy art at Animefest, though. Final animation/school/post school burn-out got the best of me.
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