December 21st, 2008

Harlock thumb!


Back from Oni-con! I almost fainted in line Friday morning and had to be rushed inside for water. Jenny was nice enough to buy me a cookie, too. Nothing like starting your con off with 3 hours of waiting for your badge and nearly fainting.

I didn't buy much and had nothing new to wear, but it was enjoyable. I just wish we'd brought a PS3 to play Soul Calibur on or something.

Anyway, the only really awesome purchase I made was a figure of the conductor from Galaxy Express 999. Amusingly, it was the same store I bought most of my figures of the ships and the GE999 before. They remembered me when I said I was the Emeraldas cosplayer from A-kon. XD What fun. I once again failed to take some stupid photos as Velvet (they're all serious ones and that's kinda boring), but succeeded in taking more stupid photos as Misaki (as well as a few serious ones). Exploring the hotel is always fun. It's amazing what storage rooms you find unlocked.

I mentioned before that I decided to debut my crappy art at Animefest and, well, now I'm glad I did. Things didn't seem to sell well at Oni-con.

We also went to the cosplay contest because we didn't really have anything to do. It was the first cosplay contest I've been to as a member of the audience instead of a competitor. It had two awesome skits, an impressive little singing girl, and some good and bad costumes. I'm only really disappointed that the lady who did Queen Beryl from the live action Sailor Moon didn't get more than a judges award because she looked awesome.
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