December 27th, 2008

Haseo really pissed

I hate SWAT guys...

I can't seem to get past the stupid SWAT guys in the server room in chapter 9 of Mirror's Edge. I'm going for the no shooting trophy, so I can't just grab a gun and kill them all. I'm usually good until it comes to taking the guy with the big machine gun in the middle of the room. Stupid machine gun guy, why do you have to be right where I need to get by?

When I play this again on hard, I'm just going ape-shit with the guns. Not shooting anyone is hard when you're in a room filled with guys with guns.

So after several tries (Many of which were SO CLOSE!), I decided to take a break because I was getting frustrated and doing stupid things. Now I wanna go somewhere~ I guess I'll get dressed and go to Chick-fil-A and put my check from my aunt and uncle in my account.

Also, I forgot it was Saturday until about 10 minutes ago. I wanted to go into work at 1 to shelve while the boss and whoever else is checking things in despite being closed, but it would seem I missed it. No one's answering the phones and I don't think they go in for very long anyway. So much for extra money.

Afterward I'm picking up my room and working on that painting from before. I need to finish it by the end of this month to keep my self-imposed deadline. I'm going to try to do at least one sellable piece of fanart a month until Animefest... that'll give me at least 9 things to try and auction off and sell prints of. If anyone even wants my crappy fanart.
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