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Next A-kon

Well, next A-kon will be Maggie's last, and I've gone and agreed to play Velvet along with her Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere.

This will be the sexiest thing I've ever worn. XD

Anyway, I'm thinking about getting an Ashley wig in 24B and straightening it; I messed with my own hair and to pull of her front loops, I need hair just a bit longer than mine. Also, if I need extra for the braided part of those loops, I can just harvest wefts off the top since I'll have a big black thing on top... plus it'd probably be cooler if I didn't have so much hair up there anyway. Not that I'll be too warm or anything in this outfit. Also, the hat and black thing are getting sewn into that wig; there's just no other way that hat's staying on, and this way I won't have to fiddle with the black thing.

Note to self: it looks like her hair somehow pulled back in the back, though I'm not sure how. I'll have to figure it out. A bun? Whatever it is, I'll probably use it to hide however I attach the ends of the loops into the wig.

The top's going to be some sort of spandex or lycra blend (It has to be, considering how it fits), with shiny gold box pleated ruffles... I want to make the stars shiny, too, but at the same time making them out of vinyl would be easier... but I'd rather them match the ruffles. I'll figure it out when I get to it, but I'll probably make them out of the same stuff as the ruffles. The arm things are obviously box pleats, so that should be simple enough. I'll probably use some sort of tape or adhesive to keep the bottom of it from shifting, plus the hem of it's not all the same around, so using some would keep the parts that dip down flat. Her silly little collar thing'll be a bit annoying.

Skirt! I'll probably have some black swim suit bottoms on under the fabric, and somehow attach the long red fabric to a band to put around my hips. I'd sew it to the swim suit bottoms, but I'd hate for them to, like, fall off if my butt cape got caught on something. I'll figure out the mechanics to that later, and having a dress form will be handy; I want to use something with a bit of shimmer, but dunno. However, I can't tell if the thing that wraps around the hips is supposed to be black, dark red, or brown. Hn. Whatever it is, it'll have a s light stretch to it so that I can just pull it over my hips.

I need to look into chains for the cosplay contest, since A-kon normally does not allow metal props. However, I'm sure that around Halloween I could find some plastic ones... I'd have to wait and see. Plastic would be lighter, too, but not as nice. Looking at the thingies that hold the crystals, I wonder if I could find those at the hardware store... As for the crystals, sharp edges aren't allowed, so I may have to dull the tips of whatever I get. It'd be cool if I could rig some battery-powered lights in those things since they're supposed to glow, but I'll have to figure out how to do the crystals, first. I'll have to either keep an eye out during Halloween, or I may be forced to make clear resin ones tinted red.

The hose, shoes and garters will be easy! I can buy those!!! Yay!:D

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