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My first poll

Alrighty, I was looking at wigs and I found one that would be PERFECT (save for maybe a touch of snipping) for my Atoli and, with shipping, is under $20. I know I said that I'd get my Velvet wig first, but this one's on ebay and, like I said, is exactly what I was looking for.

Yes, I'm totally doing two cosplays for A-kon. Atoli'll be my Friday one. :D ...You know, I'm doing two game cosplays. XD

The wig can be seen here.

It's a bit on the long side in the back, and there is a shorter one, but the bangs aren't nearly as long or full and, well, she has pretty thick bangs. Anyway, I'd rather have a wig that's a touch longer and cut it than wind up with a wig that may be too short. Plus they cost the same. XD

Poll #1052646 My first poll

Should I go ahead and get the wig?

Yes, totally

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll eventually stop babbling about cosplay. XD
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