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Butt cape power!

Guess what? My wigs came in from Cosworx today!. 24b is going to look good for my Velvet wig and my wig for Misaki's the same color as my hair, amusingly enough, only it "reflects different" is more or less how Maggie put it. I'm going to have a wig washing fest 'cause just taking out my Velvet wig told me that sucker was a tangler and it needs to be conditioned. I still need to wash my Emeraldas wig, so I may just wash both while I'm at it. My wig for Misaki's wonderful and barely tangled when I took it out, so just a light spray of Oil Sheen should do the trick for that. :D

So, this week I got back to sewing! My butt cape's now finished and I've decided to sew it down to the bikini or whatever bottoms I decide to use. For my own purposes while sewing, I pinned it to a pair of old volleyball shorts. XD

The front! I've been doing crunches and you really can't tell!

Haha, stuck my butt out.
Tags: cosplay, sewing, velvet

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