I have a break coming up starting on the 25th and that ends on October 4 and I'm considering taking five or so sketch commissions. Some sketch examples are here and here. Note that nowadays I use two to three colored pencils (often including graphite) when I sketch and you'd be welcome to pick the colors if you wish (I always use nonphoto blue for the large blocking, one color to rough, then a final one to clean up and define the character). If I do this, and if anyone's interested, You'd receive a high resolution scan and, if shipping is provided, I can send the original to you. I'll keep the right to display the drawing on my own sites and journal, but I will not reproduce it with the intent to sell it.

Prices I'm thinking of charging:

Shoulders and up: $5

Waist up: $7

Full body (Just standing or posed): $10

Background: Add $10 to your price

Clean-up and ink: Add $5 to your price

Animefest and schedules and more!

Animefest was overall a success! I made over $100 on my two paintings and almost got out of start-up hole in costs. I'm planning on selling at Oni-con (reserved already) and Animematsuri before A-kon, and hopefully after those I'll make more true profit.

It was weird, though, not just wandering around. I was discontent at first, but once I had finally done a full round of the convention I was quite happy to sit down at the table all day. XD And the days went by fast~ Also, it turns out that one of the people at the table next to us is a rigger and was at Siggraph and we chatted a lot once I noticed his Siggraph 2009 shirt. XD

As for cosplay, I uploaded new photos to my coscom account. We found an AWESOME stairwell there. ♥ Plus a surprising number of people were excited to see Maggie's and my Skip Beat costumes. XD

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Can't sleep

And I'm supposed to wake up at 2:00 go get ready to leave for Animefest at 3:00. Damn.

I haven't been this worked up for a con in years. Probably because I've never tried to sell stuff at a con before, normally it's the same routine every convention. Anyway, if you're going to the convention, come check out my table and buy stuff and go check out my two paintings in the art show and bid on them. I'll be sad about letting my paintings go to some stranger, though. Well, if anyone wants to bid on them. If no one does, then I guess they'll be coming back home with me. e_e Keep your fingers crossed that I do well! G'night.
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Animefest stuff

I need to say that I will not have Atoli for Animefest. It's really sad. ;_; As I've mentioned before, I'm going to run a table and try to get some art to sell at the auction and, well, these things are of more importance since there is money involved. I plan on having Atoli done for Oni-con, where I will not be doing the art show and, while I plan on running a table, I will already have a large number of goods made. So the only new costume I shall have is Moko from Skip Beat and Maggie did pretty much all of the work on that. e_e Yay for hot pink cover alls!

Today I finished the basic painting of Gwendolyn and you can check out a cell phone photo of it. I'm doing the background tomorrow and adding the opaque highlights and softening some of the blue light on her face; it's a bit too strong. Also, once the background's in I may darken and tweak parts. I want to fiddle with my airbrush so I can airbrush some highlights in, but I have no idea if I'll get around to this. I also need to finish another painting, which is nearly half done and hopefully crank out a couple of quick marker or tiny acrylic pieces to put up. Markers are beautiful and fast. ♥ I have some cute tiny tiny canvas boards that I wanna do some Studio Ghibli stuff on, though. We'll see.

Ah~ I haven't looked forward to a convention this much in ages. I really hope my stuff sells. :D

Lab coats are really warm. I should start wearing this spattered old thing more.
Atoli Progress 3

One downside of sewing is MATH.

I didn't feel like actually sewing today so I fiddled around with making the patterns for the arm bits of my Atoli costume instead. Maggie also came over and we wore our dresses. The dress pattern was made to her because I'm a bit smaller and it's easier to take things in than out... but I'm also taller, so the bottom of the back of the dress was too high on me. e_e. So, next Sewing Saturday I don't feel like sewing I shall probably work on the hard prototype for the hat. I'm looking forward to carving upholstery foam for the real things. XD Maggie is going to finish turning the small lace black and I'll probably go ahead and work on the dress next week and finish my boot covers minus the gold at the tips.

Last night I started rereading Catch-22 and, um, I'd forgotten how AWESOME Yossarian is. Seriously. It sucked when I had to put it down and go to bed. XD So far I have three of five ideas for the book cover for Modeling III.