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School review~

School just started up! This quarter is going to be awesome~♥

On Tuesday I have Texture and Lighting. This class won't be my favorite, but I'm learning how to UV Unwrap and now it's getting simpler. Before I was just fumbling around without really knowing what I was doing. Our first assignment is our midterm... and I still need to find reference for it. We have to model an environment of some sort. I haven't found anything awesome yet and I'm going to resume my search once I'm done with this post.

Modeling III is on Wednesday. Norm spent an hour making fun of the school's new crap they're doing (it's retarded, by the way. Very retarded), then we discussed the midterm assignment. He's making us combine design and 3D with this project. We had to pick a book to do a cover design for and I picked Catch-22. I need to have 5 ideas by next week and I have 2 so far I have thumbnails for. I need to skim the book; even though I loved it I don't remember a good deal of it. Anyway, I need to do 3 more thumbnails then do roughs. The roughs are what're do next week. Ah, and to add to it, the class is going to be the "client" and if we deviate from what the "client" wants we get points taken off. This sounds fun, or I'm just weird.

Today I had Sequential Design, aka Comic Class. This was my first Richert class in ages. He showed us several different comic artists' works, then talked to us a bit about layout and using the comic layout paper. I already have an idea for a comic that I came up with a while ago, but didn't have time to work on due to school... now I get to do it for school. Brilliant. He wants a page a week, excluding one for this week, so it'll be about a 10 page comic. He said that if it's really good, he'll take fewer pages and we're welcome to do more if we want. 10 pages seems like a good introduction issue for the idea I have.. and if it turns out well I may try to sell copies at Oni-con, the first con I'm going to after this quarter. XD

In addition to Sequential Design, today was the Club and Organization Fair. Normally this is the second week of school and, um, there was a great deal of rushing. I never got a hold of Henderson, our faculty sponsor, and because I'm awesome I got other teachers to get me stuff. Estes, the program chair for Media Arts and Animation, got me moved from the crappiest place dead in the sun to what happened to be the best place under the breezeway and I got Richert to check out a TV for me (students can't check out TVs) so I could hook up the Lunchbox and show pencil test reels. The crappy part of Henderson not showing up is that he keeps all the storyboards and he hasn't made everyone the copies of the character sheets yet, so I couldn't display any of the material we did last quarter. Ah well, we did well, but Culinary's club won the most signatures contest. They always win. Bastards.

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Well, since it's been so long since I made a post, I thought I would, like, post.

I'm currently on my third week of my summer break! Classes start up again next Tuesday. I miss having two month breaks, but three weeks're better than nothing. Siggraph is coming fast, an after that Animefest. I was hoping to get a whole lot done with Atoli, but I've hardly worked on that costume. I shall regret this later, I'm sure.

So far I have the shoes for Atoli, the basic boot cover, and the shorts mostly done I just need to, like, install that zipper. Tomorrow Maggie and I are going to get together to figure out the pattern for our dresses. This weekend I also need to get to work making the reference mâché for the hat. Why am I doing this? To make sure we get the dimensions right on the hat and so I have something hard to make the side thing on since the bottom will be curved. We're going to cast the hard part the tassles are hanging from with resin with wires stuck in so we can stab them into the hat when we glue the things on. The part where we stab will be fun.

The 4th of July was great. my mom, dad, and I went to Galveston and ate at Joe's Crab Shack. This is the perfect place to be for fireworks because they launch them from the jetty just across the street so you're right under them, more so this year because the wind was blowing hard off the water. I almost got hit by a burning piece of cardboard. It was awesome until it was time to leave because traffic was horrible. It took two hours to get home and I was driving. ¬.¬

Before this all happened, Maggie and I had gone to the beach twice, once the Friday before the 4th and earlier the week before. The beach was awesome and I got TAN LINES!!! I haven't gotten so tan in YEARS. It's amazing. You can barely see them, though. They're still awesome. ♥

Today was the best day I've had at work in a while. Mind that I overall like my job (I've worked there for over four years now...). Today started badly because my boss called me and told me "By the way, you need to be at the 9:00 meeting so I don't get in trouble! See you there~" so I got up and dressed earlier than expected. Once I was dressed (Well, excluding pants since I forgot them), I sat at Fenrir and saw that Maggie had tweeted that the meeting was canceled. I confirmed this with Bonnie and slept for another 30 mintues. There was, however, Shipley's doughnuts and stuff and that was good. Also, I GOT TO PULL AUDIOBOOK CASSETTES. I hate the things and they hate me. They cut me, little bastards. They should all be tossed. Really most of this hate is directed towards the ones in Fiction, which are mostly in those brittle, sharp white cases, but they are in Children's, too, and so my hatred applies there, too. Sadly, they weren't all tossed; I was given a list of the audiobook cassettes that hadn't been checked out for a year or longer. Nonetheless, this felt good and made the entire day awesome, if somewhat sleep deprived.

Oh, and Maggie Exalted on game night on Monday. She has the best exaltation in the history of the game; she gained godly powers while trying to kick a midget in the nuts. More details here in the third from the last bullet.

Ah, and I did well in all my classes: a B, B+, A-, and an A. One of each of the four highest grades. XD
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Cell phone

Testing this out

Well, there are no aps for LJ for the BlackBerry so I'm trying an e-mail post. FYI as of yesterday I own a BlackBerry! Hurrah! I'll post later about what I've been up to now that it's summer break. TEST!

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Well, they can be taken anywhere...

StarLiTheAwesome (6:57:30 PM): get over here and interview me
"Maggie" (6:57:46 PM): I'll be over soon! D: I am on the toilet!
StarLiTheAwesome (6:57:58 PM): You're on the laptop on the toilet?
"Maggie" (6:58:03 PM): Why not?

Best AIM discussion ever.
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Better days...

Survived last week

The quarter is beginning to draw to a close! This is both a wonderful thing and a horrible thing... summer break is so close but I have to finish final projects to get there. e_e I managed to get by last week, but I got a horrible grade on my modeling assignment. I need to touch it up and resubmit it.

I'm still not used to finishing school in the middle of June. At UH the semester ended in early May and then you just had finals. My internal clock is all messed up and today I realized it was nearly June and was totally weirded out. Anyway, my last day of class is on June 19, then I'll be house/dog sitting for two weeks. I still think it's pretty cool that I'll be getting paid to move out for two weeks. e_e

Once summer starts I need to work on pin designs, the paintings for the art show at Animefest, and my costume! It's been forever since I've mentioned it, but I'm still going to cosplay Atoli and Maggie's still doing Shino. Though I'm doing in-game/movie Atoli instead of art Atoli, so my outfit will be a lot greener than that weird shade on the picture. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I've pretty much dropped doing Seong Mi-na. I just don't have the time or money to spend on it. After Atoli, I'll probably stop doing contests and just make simple costumes. Right now I'm thinking about doing Nagi from Kannagi next, but I still want to do Rena from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I've always wanted to cosplay a character that does crazy faces because it looks like wild fun. It's nice to just start cosplaying characters that SMILE after my long string of serious character cosplay.

Nothing really exciting has been going on. We got a new page at work at long last. I hope she doesn't suck and sticks around for a while because that would make her awesome. I didn't get to talk to her much today, though, since it was her first day and the boss was introducing her to everyone and she was a bit busy learning how we do things. When it was time to leave, I got trapped at work for a little while today. When I wanted to leave, there was an 18 wheeler parked in the staff parking blocking my way out of my parking space, so I went and pestered Maggie.

Grand work schedule

OK. This worked in high school so I shall now use this method now. I will make myself a schedule to follow. It's unlikely that I will follow it perfectly, but even only somewhat following it is better than not doing it at all.

If you don't care, you can ignore this. If you enjoy doing such things, you are welcome nag me about "You should be doing homework~" and such.


11:30-? - Work on homework, especially Modeling II homework. Get most of this done tonight.


10-3 - Work

3-6 - Nap. This may be shorter, since I tend to actually take 1.5 to two hour naps.

When I wake up - Dinner

For an hour after dinner - Slack time. Sounds stupid, but I need to slack before serious business

After slack time (estimated about 8:00)-? - Homework. Finish modeling, texturing, lighting. Render and sleep. May take a midnight nap if necessary. These actually help, oddly enough.


WTF in the morning (aka 6-7ish) - Wake up. Do a final check on the model to see if I overlooked anything. If I did, fix and rerender.

8-9-ish - Leave for school. Make photo print of render and mount. I do this so early because no one is printing this early in the morning.

Afterwards - Nap in car or classroom until 30 minutes before class. Probably the car. My classmates are nefarious and like to do things while you sleep. Or just wake you up to annoy you and be like "Why are you asleep Aliiii~~~." Bastards.


Work, NAP, design Maggie's damned Sen from Kekkaishi pin. I want one, too. And go play with her Nendoroids.

After this is all over: start writing down a planned homework schedule. I stopped doing this in college and when I was at UH, I could get away with procrastinating and stopped. I need to get rid of this bad habit that I've developed...
Harlock thumb!


Heads up for those who know me. My schedule starting the week of July 13:

Texture Attributes and Material and Lighting 6-10

Modeling III 1-5

Sequential Design 6-10

Online (First Session):

Sequential Design is the comic class~♥ Animation Studio I was also highlighted, but it was a Friday class and I really wanted to take the comic class as an elective. This is the second time it's ever been offered and I don't know if it will be before I graduate. Also, I'm back to my Tues-Wed-Thurs schedule. Hurrah!
Snot bubble

Still dented

Well, the guy who hit me's insurance is run by a bunch of jerks. I still can't get my car fixed and it's been nearly two weeks. In my long record of getting hit by people, this is the longest it's ever taken to get my car fixed. Poor Evelyn, having to have a dent right on her face. My poor little girl. ;_; I hope I never get hit by someone with weird insurance that no one's heard of again.

In other news, I set up this monstrosity. I figured that since I started making these things so early, I might as well sell some online. It'll get updated as I make the pins. There's really no pattern to my pin designing, though. XD

Also, my next assignment for my 3D Animation class is a commercial. I'm still not sure what to do, but I'm thinking of going with Maruchan ramen. I designed a mascot for that back in an earlier class. I'll just have to come up with a story for the 30 second commercial. The animatic's due Wednesday.

Wednesday I pestered Richert about his comic publishing friend and he hadn't called him. I hope he still needs someone to help with coloring because that's some good pocket money I can make at home.

Ah, speaking of Richert and comics, he's doing the comic class again next quarter. Registration is on Monday and I'm plotting to take it. I'm running out of basic classes to take and I still have my two electives, so I guess I'll have to use one. I also want to take Psychology online so that I'll only have it for half the quarter and that'll make my load for when I go to Animefest lighter by one class. The other two classes will most likely consist of some combination of Broadcast Design, Modeling III, and Animation Studio I. I really have no idea yet, though. I refuse to take the internship class next quarter, though, since I'll be gone for a week at Siggraph. I have no idea if they'll want me to take it, though.

Ummm... ah, Maggie says that Joann's is going to have an upholstery foam sale soon and is going to acquire the block of foam that we're going to carve our Atoli and Shino hats from. I'll have to pay her back later, though, since I just handed over a Very Large Sum of Money to the school to pay for the rest of the trip to Siggraph. Hurrah for being poor for four weeks, since next paycheck is going towards the college funds.
Drawing (animated!)


Slowly but surely the Pencil Test Club is working on a project! We've got a script and last Friday we completed the character designs.

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